Moon Phase New Moon
Sunrise Time 4:59 UTCSunset Time 19:06 UTC
During high winds the update interval is reduced from 5 minutes to 1 minute.
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Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy with little temperature change.
Current Weather at Prestwood, Bucks, UK. Lat/Long N51.7 W0.7 - Alt. 145m - 19/04/15 12:30 UTC

Air Temperature History  Current Outside Dewpoint

Road Temperature

Current Wind Direction  Wind Speed  10 Min Avg Wind Speed

Current Wind Direction  Current Wind Speed

Barometric Tendency  Total Rain History

Solar Radiation

Air Temperature
Terrestrial Radiation Temperature (Road Temperature). Graph = Soil Temperature 3
Wind Chill
Wind - Anemometer Status - OK
23 NNE at 1.7 kt
Solar Radiation
260 W/m
1022.9 hPa & Falling Slowly
Today's Rain (Since 00H)
0.0 mm
Rain Rate
0.0 mm/hr
Monthly Rain (During snow and sub-zero temperatures readings will be too low due to unmelted snow)
14.0 mm
Monthly Evapo Transpiration (Reverse rain)
42.77 mm
Yearly Rain (During snow this figure is manually updated to the Met Office rain gauge readings)
200.6 mm
Yearly Evapo Transpiration (Reverse rain)
107.29 mm
Today's Highs/Lows (Since 00H)

High Air Temperature

Low Air Temperature

9.3C   at   11:22

3.1C  at    1:27

High Terrestrial Radiation Temperature

Low Terrestrial Radiation Temperature

21.7C   at   11:21

-2.8C  at    1:05

High Humidity

Low Humidity

91%    at   1:25

62%   at   11:23

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

3.3C   at  12:24

0.6C  at   5:23

High Wind Speed

13.0 kt   at   9:48

High Solar Radiation

635 W/m   at  11:21

High Barometer

Low Barometer

1026.7 hPa   at   0:00

1022.9 hPa  at   12:29

High Rain Rate

0.0 mm/hr   at  ----